Area 27,830 Km2
Population 9.201 Millions
HDI Rank 178 (over 186 countries)
Capital City Bujumbura (population approx. 300,000). Other cities - Cibitoke, Rumonge, Nyanza-Lac, Muyinga, Ngozi, Bubanza, Gitega.
Demographic distribution Hutu (Bantu) 85%, Tutsi (Hamitic) 14%, Twa (Pygmy) 1%, Europeans 3,000, South Asians 2,000
Spoken languages Hutu 85%, Tutsi 14%, Twa 1%. Language(s): Kirundi (official), French (official), Swahili (along Lake Tanganyika and the Bujumbura area), English.
Religious beliefs Christian 80% (Roman Catholic 65%-70%, Protestant 10%-15%, indigenous beliefs, Muslim less than 5%.
Political regime National Council for the Defence of Democracy - Forces for the Defence of Democracy (CNDD -FDD), Burundi Democratic Front (FRODEBU), Unity for National Progress (UPRONA). National Council for the Defence of Democracy (CNDD-N), Union for Peace and Development (UPD), National Liberation Forces (FNL), Movement for Solidarity and Development (MSD).
Head of State Pierre Nkurunziza (President)
Associations with International Organisations African Union (AU), UN, Common Market of East and Southern Africa (COMESA), East African community (EAC).
Investment Promotion Agency Burundi Investment Promotion Agency
Sources: Foreign & Commonwealth Office, The World Factbook