The Gambia



Area 11,300 Km2
Population 1.927 Millions
HDI Rank 165 (over 186 countries)
Capital City Banjul
Demographic distribution African 99% (Mandinka 42%, Fula 18%, Wolof 16%, Jola 10%, Serahuli 9%, other 4%), non-African 1%
Spoken languages English (official), Mandinka, Wolof, Fula, and other indigenous languages are widely spoken.
Religious beliefs The Gambia is predominantly Muslim (90%), but there is a significant Christian community (8%) and indigenous beliefs (2%) are also practised. Religious tolerance is good.
Political regime Alliance for Patriotic Reorientation and Construction (APRC); National Reconciliation Party (NRP); People's Democratic Organization for Independence and Socialism (PDOIS); United Democratic Party (UDP); the People's Progressive Party (PPP); the National Convention party (NCP); the National Democratic Action Movement (NDAM); Gambia Party for Democracy and Progress (GPDP); National Alliance for Democracy and Development (NADD); Gambian Moral Council (GMC)
Head of State Yahya Jammeh (President)
Associations with International Organisations African, Caribbean and Pacific Group of States (ACP), African Development Bank (AfDB), Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO), Group of 77 (G-77), International Bank for Reconstruction and Development (IBRD), International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO), International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRCS), Islamic Development Bank (IDB), International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD), International Monetary Fund (IMF), International Maritime Organisation (IMO), Interpol, International Olympic Committee (IOC), International Organisation for Migration (IOM), Inter-Parliamentary Union (IPU), International Organisation for Standardisation (ISO), Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS), Non Aligned Movement (NAM), African Union (AU), Organisation of the Islamic Conference (OIC). United Nations (UN), United Nations-African Union Mission in Darfur (UNAMID), World Bank (WBG), World Health Organisation (WHO), World Trade Organisation (WTO).
Investment Promotion Agency Gambia Investment and Export Promotion Agency (GIEPA)
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