Area 1,240,190 Km2
Population 17.379 Millions
HDI Rank 182 (over 186 countries)
Capital City Bamako
Demographic distribution Mande (including Bambara, Malinke, Soninke), Peul, Voltaic, Songhai, Tuareg and Moor
Spoken languages
Religious beliefs the vast majority of Malians are Muslim. Christianity and indigenous beliefs are also practised.
Political regime The important ones include ADEMA (which led the pro-democracy movement in the early 1990s), the MRP (Mouvement Patriotique pour le Renouveau), CNID (Congres National d'Initiative Democratique), the Union pour la Republique et la Democratie (URD, a breakaway from ADEMA) and PARENA (Parti pour la renaissance nationale).
Head of State Ibrahim Boubacar Keïta (President), Modibo Keita (Prime Minister)
Associations with International Organisations African Development Bank (AFDB), Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS), Organisation of the Islamic Conference (OIC), West African Economic and Monetary Union (UEMOA).
Investment Promotion Agency Agence pour la Promotion des Investissements
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