Area 267,670 Km2
Population 1.586 Millions
HDI Rank 106 (over 186 countries)
Capital City Libreville (population: 675,000)
Demographic distribution Bantu tribes, including four major tribal groupings (Fang, Bapounou, Nzebi, Obamba); other Africans and Europeans, 154,000, including 10,700 French and 11,000 persons of dual nationality
Spoken languages French (official), Fang, Myene, Bateke, Bapounou / Eschira, Badjabi
Religious beliefs Christian (over 55%), indigenous, Muslim (5%-10%)
Political regime Parti Democratique Gabonais (PDG), Parti Gabonais du Progres (PGP), Rassemblement National Des Bucherons (RNB), Union du Peuple Gabonais (UPG)
Head of State Ali Bongo Ondimba (President), Daniel Ona Ondo (Prime Minister)
Associations with International Organisations African Development Bank (AFDB), African Union (AU), Central African Economic and Monetary Community (CEMAC), Organisation Internationale de la Francophonie (OIF), Organisation of Islamic Conference (OIC), non-permanent seat on UN Security Council (2010-2011).
Investment Promotion Agency Agence de Promotion des Investissements Prives (APIP)
Sources: Foreign & Commonwealth Office, The World Factbook