Area 1,860 Km2
Population 0.724 Millions
HDI Rank 169 (over 186 countries)
Capital City Moroni (Ngazidja)
Demographic distribution Comoran
Spoken languages French, Arabic, Comorian (derived from Swahili and Arabic)
Religious beliefs Islam (state religion), with a very small (less than 0.5%) Roman Catholic minority.
Political regime The Baobab Party of current President Dhoinine presently controls parliament and two of the three Island Councils.
Head of State Ikililou Dhoinine (President)
Associations with International Organisations African Union (AU); League of Arab States; Organisation of Islamic Conference (OIC); Indian Ocean Commission (IOC); Common Market for East and Southern Africa (COMESA).
Investment Promotion Agency National Investment Promotion Agency
Sources: Foreign & Commonwealth Office, The World Factbook