The Africa Centre

The Africa Centre of Excellence

The Africa Centre of Excellence is your exclusive one-stop shop to discover the colossal investment opportunities in the African continent. Launched on 24th October 2012 by the Board of Investment of Mauritius, the Africa Centre of Excellence for Business brings to you: business intelligence, business partners, business networking and a business repository. The Africa Centre of Excellence for business offers real-time business insights on latest developments in Africa through continuous updates.

Objectives of the Africa Centre of Excellence

The Africa centre is expected to focus on the 49 Sub- Saharan African countries (SSA) and also on South Sudan, which is sometimes considered as part of SSA. It has three aspects namely knowledge relationship building and matchmaking. The Africa Centre of Excellence for Business will be equipped with a documentation centre providing information on Mauritian companies doing business in Africa. This will facilitate joint venture opportunities between the visiting international investors and the local companies that are referenced in the centre.

  • provide timely information on the manifold business and investment opportunities in rising Africa;
  • establish matchmaking possibilities for investors;
  • furnish information on ongoing tenders in African countries;
  • create a networking platform for investors from different countries;
  • support investors in their venture in Africa;
  • organise investment prospection mission in African countries; and
  • advocate for an enhancement of regional bilateral relations